Manufacture of food ice bags in Djibouti

Created in November 1997 under the impulse of its two partners Christophe CHENOT and Christophe DURAND, the company Djib’ice SARL immediately positions itself as the specialist in the manufacture and marketing of food ice bags.

Our distribution network has become denser throughout the capital, as well as the inner districts.

Known for its consistency (especially during the hot season) and the professionalism of its teams, the company Djib’ice SARL has become in Djibouti «the reference» in terms of ice quality.

This is why the company Djib’ice can proudly avail itself of the double certification of the DIASS (French Joint Health Services Directorate) since 1998 and the certification of the US veterinarian of Camp Lemonier since 2014.

Quality and certifications

Djib’ice wanted to work and evolve thanks to the H.A.C.C.P. procedure (optimal prevention of food risks).

In order to provide our customers with reliable and high quality ice, our water is subject to the daily controls of our in-house laboratory. We also work closely with the National Laboratory (LANAA) which comes monthly to collect on site samples (water after treatment and ice).

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