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Ice cubes packs

Djib’ice’s Ice cubes packs (1kg, 2.5kg or 5,5kg) will be perfect for your family meetings, your evenings, your barbecues, birthday parties… Pure freshness ! Ice cubes must be of impeccable quality to be in contact with food (liquid or solid). Friendly or elegant, served in glass or in an ice bucket, the Djib’ice cube will be of all successful receptions. The ice cube is made from drinking water filtered by reverse osmosis. It is cylindrical with a small hole in the center to ensure greater transparency. For optimal safety, the design of the ice cube derives from a preventive treatment of the manufacturing water that follows successive steps: active coals, softener, reverse osmosis and passage under Ultra Violets. The packaging of this product is semi-automatic, ensuring a rigorous quality ice cube in the measure that it is never handled.


For longer storage, for your cocktails, we produce carbonic ice in small quantities (from 1 to 10kg).

Crushed Ice

If the ice cube is ideal for serving with glass, crushed ice, or glitter ice, allows you to refresh your bottles very quickly ! EASILY placed in a coubaya (cooler), it will QUICKLY and LONG refresh all your bottles at once! Also ideal for your outdoor reception or your outings in nomado, because it requires neither source of energy nor running water. Thanks to its long life, it will be able to travel long distances in an insulated container in the trunk of a car or in the cabin of your boat !


An 18.9L bottle is a Coca-Cola product. Djib’ice is the official distributor of Voltic.

Filtered water

We have a 20m3 tanker truck, used only to deliver filtered water in bulk. (Delivery is free).

Reefer rent

We offer for rent, a reefer to store a large amount of ice.


The ice cubes are available in plastic bags in three sizes :

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